about christiane banks

Christiane Banks, the author of the award-winning historical family saga Amelia’s Prayer, is delighted to return with the sequel Amazing Grace. Christiane was born in England around the Magnificent rugged Northeast coastline near the City of Newcastle upon Tyne. Raised after World War II, she began working at 13 years old as an apprentice shampoo girl. During this time, she was privileged to meet many women who lived during the world wars; those vivid stories of the war inspired her.

Banks, a Storyteller herself, was inspired by these accounts, which led her to become an author and ultimately become part of Amelia’s Prayer and Amazing Grace’s stories. She would like to take this opportunity to thank all her family, friends, and readers who have been a constant source of support and encouragement through the years as she wrote both Amelia’s Prayer and Amazing Grace, bringing them to fruition. Christiane lives in Milton, Ontario, with her husband Gary as she starts book three, which will be a prequel to Amelia’s Prayer and Amazing Grace.