Welcome to my new website!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new website! You will see it has a contemporary look and is also more user friendly. Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to my first blog post I am writing in 18 months. As this is Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to speak to some of the gifts I am thankful for. I am thankful for many things, the first of which is the launch of…

The Weeping Window

I would like to share particularly special memories with you today as we approach this remembrance day on November 11th. 888,246 lives were lost and many more wounded.

Thank you for being my friend

Many things inspire me as a writer. I am fascinated with words, stories, and people. Some of my greatest sources of inspiration are singers and songwriters. Some intrigue me with their ability to tell a heartfelt story through music, all in the space of three or so minutes. In some cases, the music and lyrics are so moving that it can bring me to tears.