Apr 27, 2022

FM 101 Milton Now

Indigo Milton’s Mother’s Day event features author Christiane Banks Milton, Ontario, Canada / FM101 Milton Now Carla…
Mar 09, 2022

South Branch Scribbler

The Story Behind the Story with award-winning Author Christiane Banks of Milton, ON. The Scribbler would like to thank…
Nov 30, 2021

Books on Air with Suzanne Harris

Books On Air Books on Air with Suzanne Harris Suzanne Harris is a seasoned media veteran. She's an avid reader and…
Apr 20, 2021

BBC Radio 2

Jo handpicks her favourite new music from all genres of the musical spectrum.
Oct 29, 2018

Inside Halton

It took Christiane Banks six years to write her first novel, but only two years to mark her 100th book event. What a…